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Team Weaver Complete Package

Floor Loom for Rob_edited.jpg

Team Weaver Floor Loom Package

5 feet tall and 3 feet wide

$349 plus shipping

Table Loom for Rob_edited.jpg

Team Weaver Table Loom Package

3 feet tall and 2 feet wide

$319 plus shipping

The complete Team Weaver Package includes the following:

~ Wooden Loom (Floor Loom or Table Loom)

~ Full instruction sheet including written information and photos for: building the loom, adding the warp strings, detailed weaving techniques & stitches, finishing your weaving, removing the weaving from the loom, hanging the weaving, and overall tips, reminders and inspirational ideas.

~ Warp string.

~ Cardboard insert.

~ An assortment of Fabric Strips and Yarn to start your weaving.


Large looms are incredibly fun to weave on because you have so much room to explore different techniques, and to weave an art piece together with other people, if you'd like to. The final weaving will have so much beauty and presence with its large size, and can decorate
any waiting room, office, living room, bedroom, or public space.

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