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Team Weaver Looms & Loom Packages

Floor Loom for Rob_edited.jpg

Floor Loom

5 feet tall & 3 feet wide

$250/Loom Only 


$300/Full Package

(Plus shipping fees, if applicable)

Table Loom for Rob_edited.jpg

Table Loom

3 feet tall &2 feet wide 

$225/Loom Only 


$275/Full Package

(Plus shipping fees, if applicable)

Both Looms for Rob.jpg

Table & Floor Looms Together

Select your size, or request any custom size, which we'll build for you.

The Loom Only option includes:

  • The loom and very easy instructions for putting it together (with no tools needed)

The Loom Full Package includes: 

  • The loom and very easy instructions for putting it together (with no tools needed)

  • Several pages of colorful & detailed instructions on many weaving techniques with a complete guide from start to finish

  • A ball of warp string

  • A generous bag of fabric strips and yarns

  • a piece of cardboard to slide in at the beginning

  • A weaving needle

Contact Vicki to place your order or inquire about the looms:


Weaving with a Group

Weaving with a group of people, on a large loom, whether it's with work colleagues, family, friends, neighbors, congregation members, social circles or any other group, is a wonderful way to have fun together, bond, relax, feel connected, build teams, enhance group dynamics, express yourself, build stronger relationships and create community art.

Everyone Can Weave

The beauty of weaving is that it's simple to do, incredibly relaxing, highly rewarding, and so very creative and beautiful. It can be done by people with no art background or by people who have art experience. Weaving on these looms for everyone!

Team Weaver Looms Can Go Anywhere!!!

Your Team Weaver Loom can be set up for weaving in any location including a: Waiting Room, Office, Break Room, Living Room, Reception Area, School, Place of Worship, Art Gallery, Library, Museum, Senior Center, Retail Store, Anywhere People Wait in Line or in Chairs, Restaurant, Assisted Living & Memory Care Facility, Retreat Center, Party, Social Gathering, Community Center, and anywhere else you can imagine! 

Your Completed Weaving

The walls in all of these locations will be truly beautified by your completed weavings. Or, the weavings can be given as a gift to a staff member, client, friend, patient, family member, congregation member, donor, resident or patron, or be sold for a fundraiser. 


We Offer Support For Your Team Building

Along with being a fiber artist and national instructor, Vicki has a Master's degree in Conflict Resolution & Restorative Justice, with 25 years of experience facilitating team building activities, meetings, mediations,  company retreats, trainings and more. She is available to provide Team Building activities for your group, which can include the Team Weaver loom and process.

Student weaving RRR.jpeg

You'll experience the wonderful benefits of working on a large free-standing loom:

  • The fun and excitement of creating a large weaving with a real presence!

  • The great feeling in your body of working in an upright position!

  • The option to stand or sit, while weaving!

  • The option to weave with others, at the same time, or at different times, to create a group weaving.

  • You have the option to create several small weavings, at the same time, within the large loom frame.

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