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For me, art is life, and every aspect of the creative process is metaphorical and pertinent to everything else I do and all that I am. Through the making of art, my inner world manifests into the outer world, bringing my vibrant spirit into form, in order to share the beauty with the spirit of others.

I began making assemblage art with a wide of materials, including wood, metal, glass, plastic, paper, fabric, jewelry parts, and all sorts of discarded or secondhand items.  I so enjoy finding what is precious and possible in these objects that were once considered disposable, unimportant, uninteresting or lacking in value. Equally fulfilling is putting these objects together, in exciting ways, to create something new and vibrant. I hope my work will inspire others to make art from the objects in their lives, to look at the world around them as full of creative possibilities.


Over the past couple of years, I've been working mostly in fabric, collecting used clothing, placemats, pillowcases, lace, crochet, trims, belts, and other fiber objects. I am continually experimenting with these materials, finding new ways to layer and arrange them to create dynamic pieces.

One of my greatest joys in art is to teach my techniques to others and watch them create stunning masterpieces. I love giving people the gift of new skills and tools for expressing themselves, creating their own beauty and then sharing it with the people in their lives. I offer individual and group workshops, both in person and online.

I have always felt a sense of being a conduit for the creative process to move through. I am deeply grateful for this experience, which fills my life with constant excitement and inspiration.