© 2020 Vicki Assegued


For me, art is life, and every aspect of the creative process is
metaphorical and pertinent to everything else I do and all that I am.

I am an assemblage artist with an enormous passion for gathering discarded items and finding what is precious and possible in these objects that were once considered disposable, unimportant, uninteresting or lacking in value. Equally fulfilling is putting these objects together, in exciting ways, to create something new and vibrant. I also like to inspire others about the idea of making art from the objects in their lives, to look at the world around them as full of creative possibilities.

Rather than making art with a theme, or any idea about the outcome, I am guided by the materials and the creative process itself. I experiment with a wide variety of objects, choosing what to use, arranging and re-arranging them, until the composition speaks to me. Then, finding ways to attach everything, while maintaining the visual integrity of the piece, presents fun challenges and lots of searching for solutions.

I have been making art from found objects since I was a child, continually expanding what I use, how it’s all juxtaposed, how I connect everything and how it looks. I have always felt a sense of being a conduit for the creative process to move through. I am deeply grateful for this experience, which fills my life with constant excitement and inspiration.