Workshops in: 

~Weaving with Mixed Media, 

~Layered Fabric Assemblage, 

 ~Fabulous Fabric & Mixed Media Art


Vicki Assegued, M.A.



(Vicki teaches both privately and through various art schools.)


Texture Weaving – Pre-Recorded Video Workshop

October 6 – 10, 2022

(You can purchase this video workshop from now until 10/10/22, at which time it will no longer be available through this site. Once purchased, you can download the videos, within one month, to keep and watch any time.)


Layered Fabric Assemblage - In-Person Workshop

October 21 – 23, 2022

Through Mendocino Art Center (California)


Layered Fabric Assemblage - In-Person Workshop

November 17 – 19, 2022

Through Sedona Arts Center (Arizona)


Layered Fabric Assemblage - In-Person Workshop

January 24 – 29, 2023

Through North Country Studio Workshops (Vermont)


If you’d like to take a workshop with Vicki, but can’t make any of these dates, please contact her with your availability and she will work with you to schedule a workshop that fits in with your schedule. Private lessons are also available.


Private Workshops

To learn Vicki's fun and beautiful techniques, you can schedule a private workshop for yourself, or a group workshop for yourself with family/friends. Or just let Vicki know you're interested in her workshops and she'll arrange for you to join a group.

Contact Vicki here on the Contact Form

Workshop Descriptions

In these three hands-on workshops, you will learn to make truly unique and stunning art pieces.

Mixed Media Weaving on a Simple Frame Loom 

        Learn to create exciting and unique weavings, made on a simple frame loom that you’ll build in class. Students will string their looms, use yarn and fabric strips to build the main structure, and add lace, string, ribbon, shells, sticks, and add optional jewelry embellishments. 

       Whether you prefer symmetrical or random shapes, flat surfaces or undulating textures, realistic or abstract designs, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to produce the effects you choose. 

      Along with learning a variety of stitches, techniques, and options, students will also learn to make tassels, pompoms, and fringes to add to their pieces. 

       Once you have completed your weaving masterpiece you will learn how to “tie off”, and remove the completed weaving from the loom, secure it, and hang it. 

       There will be examples of weavings, demonstrations, tips,  Q & A, sharing of students' pieces, and ongoing weaving throughout the workshop. 

      No weaving or art experience is necessary to take this workshop, or to make fabulous and unique pieces of art! By the end of class, you will have your new weaving(s) to hang on the wall, as well as your reusable loom, and the skills to continue this fun, relaxing, versatile, and rewarding art form. 


Layered Fabric Assemblage

      Learn to create a truly unique and stunning art piece, with multiple layers and textures of fabric. Using simple materials, students will learn many techniques for creating a base, covered with beautiful overlays of fabric, surrounded by shapes that extend outward, giving the piece added shape, dimension and excitement. The final piece will hang on the wall.

       No sewing involved, no art experience necessary, just enthusiasm, creativity, and a sense of adventure! Vicki will offer many demonstrations, answer questions, and give many technical and aesthetic tips along the way. Students will also gain inspiration and encouragement from the creative work of their fellow students.


Fabulous Fabric and Mixed Media Art

     In this workshop, we'll use fabric, yarn, string, beads, lace, jewelry parts and other objects to create a variety of small art pieces that will be colorful, textural, dimensional, and full of character and creativity. You'll make mini weavings, stuffed pieces, tassels, fringes, fun cords, wrapped objects, layered pieces, and a host of fun projects. 

     Your creations can be used to decorate objects in your home, can be added to other art projects you're working on, or can stand alone as art pieces. You’ll leave the workshop with many new techniques, completed mixed media and fabric art objects, and the inspiration to keep going with the great fun and creative possibilities these projects bring.

Some Past Workshops


Mixed Media Weaving on a Simple Frame Loom 

February 27 & 28, 2021

Mendocino Art Center


Layered Fabric Assemblage

March 13 &14, 2021

Mendocino Art Center


Weaving on the Wild Side - Make Your Own Woven Wall Hanging

March 27 & 28 and April 3 & 4, 2021

Cabrillo College Extension


Fabulous Fabric and Mixed Media Projects

April 10 & 11, 2021

Mendocino Art Center


Multi-Layered Fabric Wall Hanging

May 1 & 2, 2021

Northwind Art


Layered Fabric Assemblage

May 8 & 9 and May 15 & 16

Cabrillo College Extension


Testimonials from Workshop Participants


"The workshop was inspiring & Vicki is a fantastic instructor."

"Vicki is everything you would want in a teacher. She explains things thoroughly, is encouraging, patient, and joyful."

"I totally enjoyed the workshop and appreciate you organizing and sharing this unique process!"

"You brought a joyous feeling to our day together, filled with possibilities."


“THANK YOU for sharing your techniques and inspiring new art projects! Although this is a terribly unfortunate situation with Covid, I appreciate being able to dedicate some time to make art! It makes cozying up at home more joyful. :) Thank you again for your inspiration and I look forward to more classes as soon as safely possible.”

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